The Benefits of Slow feeding using the Haygain Forager

Digestive Health

The Forager is the ideal slow feeder that ensures a constant and steady flow of forage into the horse's gut to protect digestive health and aid in a healthy digestive system.

Horses are natural trickle feeders that require a consistent supply of forage. This not only protects the stomach but also promotes consistent fermentation, effectively keeping the hindgut weighted and motile, thereby preventing conditions that contribute to Colic.

Helps to reduce the risk of Gastric Ulcers – a steady supply of forage to the stomach creates a protective mat on top of the stomach's contents preventing gastric acid splashing onto the sensitive upper region. A good supply of saliva also acts as a buffer against gastric acid.

Promotes saliva - consistent chewing of small mouthfuls of forage maintains a flow of saliva which is crucial for the stomach and digestion.

Weight Management

The Forager ensures horses on a diet can have constant access to forage while not being able to over eat or gorge.

The design of The Forager Regulators ensures small bites of forage are taken on each mouthful. Compared to loose hay, The Forager can significantly increase the feeding time. See chart below for the comparison research.

It's well known that a healthy digestive system requires constant access to forage however this is not always easy when a horse needs to be on a diet. The Forager provides the right balance of ensuring forage is constantly supplied to the stomach while preventing horses from over-eating or gorging.

Physical & Psychological Health

Haygain's Forager simulates natural grazing which protects physical health and helps to prevent psychological upsets like stable vices.

The Forager helps a horse to mimic a natural eating position of the head low and straight to the ground. The benefits of a low eating position include protecting the eyes and allowing for natural respiratory drainage. It's also important for correct teeth and jaw movement.

By allowing a horse to eat in a straight downward motion, The Forager protects muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments from any stress and strain that can be associated with other methods of slow feeding.

The Forager can help horses with stable boredom, vices or anxiety by providing them with a constant access to forage. Vices such as crib biting, kicking, pacing, weaving and wind sucking often occur from boredom or anxiety. The Forager can significantly increase the feeding time (see chart in Weight Management).

Clean Forage

The Forager has several design features which ensure your horse has a continual supply of clean forage and doesn't waste a drop!

The Forager Regulators are designed to allow horses to only take small bites of forage which prevents them from pulling forage out and dropping it on the floor! This reduces waste and stops horses walking through the hay and mixing it with their bedding.

The robust slit sides are designed to allow air flow and let light in to ensure the forage remains fresh even in the bottom.

The Forager is fully collapsible meaning it is very easy to keep clean. Clean slow feeder equals clean palatable hay.