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Full Systems come in three sizes and a variety of colours. Please choose your mask size carefully using this diagram

Small suits foals and ponies.
Mussle circumference 35 cm to 45 cm

Standard suits thoroughbreds, standardbreds, quarterhorses and warmbloods.
Mussle circumference 45 cm to 55 cm.

Large suits large warmbloods.
Muzzle circumference 55 cm to 65 cm.

Standard size
full system

Suits thoroughbreds, standardbreds, quarterhorses and warmbloods.

Standard Blue


Standard Green


Standard Pink


Large size
full system

Suits large warmbloods.

Large Blue


Large Pink


Small size
full system

Suits foals and ponies.

Small Blue


Stud combo
Standard size Full System plus a Pony MDI Kit.

Stud Combo Blue


The Flexineb® Stud Combo Pack allows you to treat both Adult horses & Young stock with the correct masks, whilst sharing your Controller & Cable between the 2 mask sizes, giving you the ultimate freedom to treat all animals on your farm. We do recommend you have separate Medication Cups for each system.

The pack includes a Standard size Adult Flexineb® Nebuliser system & a Foal size MDI System. This gives you all you need to begin nebulisation.

MDI system

The Flexineb MDI system, allows you to administer human Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI’s) to your horse. This is achieved by turning the aerosol holding chamber to the side so you can use the small MDI shaped adapter to connect your Human MDI to the aerosol chamber and administer the puffs as prescribed by your veterinarian.

This is not the full nebuliser system.
The MDI system does not include any electronics to allow you to nebulise. It is only suitable for use with human inhalers.

Small MDI system


Standard MDI system


Full Parts List

Full System

Parts Identified

MDI System

Parts Identified

Carry Case


Aerosol Chamber complete with Inlet Valve


Aerosol Chamber (foal) complete with Inlet Valve


Inlet Valve kit


Exit Valve


Controller Unit


Controller Battery


Controller Cable


Holding Straps


Charger for Contoller



MDI Adaptor


30mm Extension Cup


Medication Cup
Electrical Connection Cap


Mask Straps

$39.50 per pair


Natural Products

500ml Saline Solution (0.9%)