Administer Inhaled Medication Quietly, Easily, Conveniently


Deliver antibiotics, corticosteroids, bronchodilators and natural products such as Immuno-San and Silvaplex

Use wherever and whenever it is convenient. In the stable or paddock, even between events.

Available in three colours (blue, green, pink) and three sizes (foal, standard, large).

Aerosol discharging from Medication Cup

The Flexineb E3 is a quick efficient method of inhalant delivery. It is

  • a targeted delivery system, directing concentrated medication to the lungs and small airways.
  • an easy-to-use drug delivery device that produces a very fine mist of aerosolised inhalant for the horse.
  • robust and silent to ensure the horse is not disturbed.
  • available in three sizes of silicone mask.
  • compact, portable and battery operated for use where mains electricity may not be readily available.
  • totally silent in operation.
  • a very efficient device with 10mls of liquid aerosolised in less than twelve minutes.
There aren't any hoses, wires or awkward valves to deal with, keeping the whole experience calm and easy for both stable hand and horse. Commonly, around 10 minutes of treatment is all that is necessary. Up to three hours use from a single charge is normal.

The most frequently occurring lower respiratory tract disorders are:

  • Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO) also known as Heaves,
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD),
  • Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD) and
  • Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage (EIPH).

Typically, their treatment includes frequent systemic administration of drugs.

Flexineb E3 is so effective because the size of the particles of the aerosol is critical to getting it to where it needs to be - in your horses LOWER respiratory tract. The average particle size from the ultrasonic nebuliser is 4 microns for optimum penetration into the small airways.
Flexineb produces 71% of aerosol particles to the size required for the lower respiratory tract. The remaining 29% hit the upper respiratory tract & trachea. Most other nebuliser companies wont tell you how much aerosol gets to the lower lung.

Additionally Flexineb can be used to administer metered-dose inhalants using the MDI system. Treatment can be completed

  • within fifteen minutes leaving more time for exercise and training.
  • by the owner, reducing the need for visits from a veterinarian.

Flexineb E3 is available as
  • Full Nebuliser System for both MDI (metered dose inhalant) and wet nebulisation.
  • MDI only version, suitable for use with metered dose inhalants. The ultrasonic nebuliser can be purchased separately and added at a later date if required.
A full range of spares is available.

What is in the pack?

The Flexineb Full System consists of:

The Flexineb MDI System consists of:

With-holding period risks (CAUTION)

Minimise the risks associated with medications having with-holding periods.

Because dope & drug testing is done at a molecular level these days, you cannot afford to have any carry-over of a banned substances when preparing an animal for a competitions or racing. That means hygiene and cleanliness are paramount to avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes being made. To lessen the risk even further, we recommend using different coloured masks for different types of inhalant.

Green is associated with

We suggest, therefore, that the green mask be reserved for inhalants and therapies that do not have a withholding period. Store the Green Mask and the associated med cups with only those inhalants. The system still needs to be maintained hygienically, but provided everyone (stable hands included) plays the game, there will not be any embarrassing cross contamination and hence disqualifications and subsequent penalties. Mistakes will still occur of course but you will have done as much as you can to minimise the risk.

You will need regular training of, and reminders to, all staff to maintain the standard.

You can then use the other coloured masks (Blue and Pink) with other medication groups as you deem necessary. It is all about careful medication administration pre competition and giving your stable hands a very clear visual prompt as to which system to use.

We recommend that you regularly consult your veterinarian for advice regarding diagnosis and treatment protocol for your horse.

Medication cup guide

Medication cups are rated as standard or fast based on the size of aerosol droplets they produce.

This means that they suit medications of different viscosity ranges.
The standard (grey coloured) medication cup is suitable for most medications.
The colours of the medication cups are not related to the colours of the masks.

Standard (Grey)

The standard cup will nebulise most medications.
If used with high viscosity oily type drugs it can lead to slow delivery time and/or failure to nebulise.

Fast (Green)

If used with low viscosity (watery) drugs the Fast medication cup can produce large aerosol droplets leading to pools of medication wasted in the bottom of the mask chamber.


For more detailed information about which cup to use with each medication click here