Why use the Haygain Forager?

Feeding forage at a natural pace:
That's pure horse sense!

Helps to regulate and slow the pace of eating - smaller bites increases chewing and healthy saliva flow.

Promotes good musculoskeletal health by reducing stress on muscles and joints because a horse can eat in a straight downward motion.

Encourages a natural feeding position that helps to avoid digestive and metabolic upset such as colic and ulcers.

Keeps forage hygienically contained preventing cross contamination with bedding while preventing waste if you have a messy horse.

Feeding forage at a natural pace: That's pure horse sense!

The key design features of the Forager

  • Two interchangeable regulator grids letting you choose between two regulator difficulty levels – white (Easy) or green (Standard).
    The regulators are expected to wear over time and will need replacing. How often they are replaced will depend on the amount of use and force applied by the horse.
  • EasyOn regulator click and secure system making filling quick and easy.
  • Unique external steel ring preventing horses from bypassing or tipping the regulator. It also acts as a gauge so you can easily see from afar how much forage remains in the feeder.
  • The robust side slits are designed to let in both air and light – this ensures horses are happy feeding to the very bottom, eating every last scrap, as well as allowing air to circulate through the forage. This unique features ensures no hay is wasted and the forager remains hygienic.
  • Strong top ring with four holding rubber fixings to ensure structural stability and absorb sound.
  • The entire base can be filled with kiln dried sand to ensure maximum stability and, if necessary, the unit can be tied to the wall from the built in fixing points.
  • Fully collapsible to allow for easy cleaning and portability.
  • Specifically chosen horse-friendly colours and dimensions to satisfy even the fussiest of horses.

Customer reviews

"Extremely pleased with the product, love the tidy bed, tidy water bucket and the fact their hay ration is lasting so much longer!"

"We normally have so much wastage from their forage being mixed with the bedding, so more than anything it has saved us a fortune!"

"It helped me as much as my horse! Kept the bed much tidier so mucking out was a doddle."

"He appears much calmer with The Forager in his stable; definitely doesn't box-walk as much."

"We are very pleased with the Forager and would recommend it to anyone who’s horse has undergone colic surgeries like mine."

Rider reviews

"For once his hay lasted all night!"

"Easy to assemble and fill."

"Pleased at how robust it is and that it hasn’t come apart during use."

"Very easy to set up and in use at the yard."

"My new horse 'Fanta Boy' loves it and eats better from the forager than he does from the floor! Halltown Harley my 5* horse loves his and always uses it, it helps him to eat well and not waste hay dragging it through the bed!"

"Millie and Dutchie do leave a little at the bottom. But they used to do this previously anyway, which is why their stables got messy with uneaten hay. Much tidier now!"