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SilvaPlex has been created for the relief of minor pain and minor inflammation. It is suitable for the treatment of minor wounds, burns, scrapes or infections.

Along with lameness, Respiratory disease is one of the most common causes of chronic illness in horses, with an estimated 25% of veterinary calls relating to respiratory problems. It has long been known that Silver has good healing properties and prior to the advent of antibiotics it was one of the main treatments used.

SilvaPlex® Immune Support is a natural product with Chelated Silver (Patented) in Distilled Water. It can be used simultaneously with other medications such as antibiotics, steroids and mucolytics, but it is recommended that you check with your Veterinarian first. SilvaPlex® can be administered to large and small animals (dogs, cats, horses, show cattle, etc.)
SilvaPlex® is best administered using a Flexineb® nebulizer.

For more information about the Flexineb Nebuliser click here.

A new generation of wound care.

Available as a gel or a spray, SilvaPlex promotes faster healing than the leading topicals. The naturaly derived, non-toxic formula is free of odours, alcohol and Triclosan.

Upon application, SilvaPlex forms an invisible barrier against microbes while soothing inflamed skin on burns and reducing bleeding on cuts and abrasions.

SilvaPlex is more than an alternative to the leading brands. It is the next generation in the evolution of wound care. While other brands may provide adequate healing time, the science and ingredients behind SilvaPlex combine to speed up the healing process.

SilvaPlex is a better, safer product in a category that has remained stagnant for far too long. Animal owners and Veterinary Professionals prefer to use products that are naturally derived and non-toxic. SilvaPlex is the one product containing all the ingredients to support these desired properties.

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