There are six steps to procuring your ComfortStall flooring.

Step 1

You Contact Us

You call or email us
to provide a few simple details for us to prepare an estimated cost. We can chat to you about the process, timing, delivery and the payment plan options we offer.

Email us by completing this form and clicking on the 'Send Details' button

or phone us on 027 434 1433

Step 2


You measure your stables.

We will send you a measurement guide as every centimeter matters! Make sure any obstructions are noted.

Step 3


We will provide you with a detailed quote, including delivery charges and warranty details.
We will also provide our bank account details for you to make your payment as agreed.

Step 4

Accept quote and make payment

You will need to accept the quote and make your payment to our bank account as detailed in our quote.

Step 5


We will Prepare the materials you need, pack them and freight them to your agreed destination, for you to collect.

Step 6


The ComfortStall flooring system is designed for simple, easy installation. If you have DIY experience, you may wish to install the system yourself with some help from friends or family, or you may wish to hire a local contractor to install it for you.

Then you can enjoy the benefits of your new Comforstall flooring.

Contact us for a quotation. Please complete the details below and click the submit button. We will contact you as soon as we can after receiving it.