we are pleased to give you the opportunity to rent to buy the complete Flexineb E3 Nebuliser system in the colour and size of your choice.

The Rental Agreement.

This agreement applies within New Zealand Only

  1. The rental agreement is between Bruce Moore Enterprises Ltd ("The Company") and the borrower, for ONE Flexineb E3 Equine Nebuliser unit, with all necessary accessories.
  2. The rental agreement is for an initial period of one month. The full term of the agreement is three months.
  3. An Initial payment of NZ$600.00 is to be paid prior to dispatch & monthly thereafter unless "The Company" is notified otherwise.
  4. Two further monthly payments are to be made to complete the purchase.
  5. In the event of a default of a monthly payment through denial of credit/debit card or other breach, the Borrower must return the unit to Bruce Moore Enterprises Ltd, 55 Longhurst Terrace, Cashmere, Christchurch within 1 week of the default.
  6. In the event of a default or a return of the Flexineb E3 equipment prior to the last payment, "The Company" may retain all money paid as liquidated damages & rental.
  7. Termination of this Rental Agreement can be made by 'The Borrower" returning the Flexineb E3 equipment including all accessories, in excellent condition & cleaned, by signed delivery.
  8. The Borrower agrees to exercise due care in the handling and operation of the Flexineb E3. Damage to the Flexineb E3 equipment outside of regular wear & tear will become an extra charge to the borrower.
  9. The Borrower acknowledges that the Flexineb E3 equipment hereby is for "The Borrower's" sole benefit and in the event of loss, damage, theft or destruction of the device prior to full payment, "The Borrower" must pay to "The Company" the full three month's rental of $1800 less any rental payments made.
  10. It is the responsibility of "The Borrower" to inform "The Company" of any changes to payment details & to ensure funds are available. The card provided must be valid for at least 6 months at time of rental.
  11. If the Flexineb E3 device (EXCLUDING THE HANDHELD CONTROLLER) is not disinfected & cleaned prior to returning to Bruce Moore Enterprises Ltd, a NZ$65 cleaning charge will apply.