Unique Orthopaedic, Sealed Flooring System for healthier horses

The ComfortStall® flooring system is designed for simple, easy installation in almost any stable or stall, no matter what the construction; including wood, composite, brick, stone, breeze block/cinderblock and metal stalls.

The ComfortStall has three components

  1. ComfortStall® Precision FoamTM proprietary orthopedic padding is a highly engineered protection layer of chemically cross-linked polyethylene closed cell medical grade padding that is laminated for structural integrity, creating a stable, level surface. It delivers the ‘spring-in-your-step’ anti-fatigue benefit that completely mitigates the fatigue factor many horses experience when standing on concrete or traditional rubber mats, which are typically only 3% softer than a concrete floor.

    Precision Foam insulates against cold and heat with a working temperature range of -57 to 79°C/-70 to 175°F, absorbs vibration and shock, offers energy return, and is completely waterproof.

  2. ComfortStall® IronCladTM TopCover is pliable enough to deliver the therapeutic benefits of the padding it protects, yet tough enough to outlast everything but concrete. Its single-piece rubber sheet includes five layers: two layers of tough, tightly woven polyester/nylon mesh sandwiched between three layers of dense, vulcanized rubber to offer unmatched structural stability, durability and an impermeable, waterproof surface.

  3. ComfortStall® HDPE Anchor Strips are made of high density polyethylene and are used to secure the IronCladTM TopCover to the walls of the stable/stall and seal the system around the stable/stall perimeter; acting like baseboards to create an impermeable barrier. This prevents urine and other moisture from seeping through to the sub-floor, preventing bacteria build-up and ammonia off-gassing, common with individual rubber mats.


ComfortStall is a veterinary approved orthopedic, fully sealed and impermeable stable flooring. This superior surface offers many health and savings benefits:

ComfortStall is used and recommended for musculoskeletal health by internationally renowned veterinarians, professional riders, horse owners and trainers.

The flooring system;

ComfortStall was co-developed with Cornell University Veterinary Hospital and comprises of three key veterinarian recommended components: